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​Donate to support

Bank Name: Taiwan Small and Medium Enterprise Bank (050)

Branch Name: Nanjing East Road Branch

Storage account number: 09012087583

Account Name: Legal Person Taiwan Aboriginal South Island Production and Educational Care Association

※The remittance or transfer will be notified later by telegram, so that the donation receipt can be issued later.


Platform name: Zhibang Public Welfare Museum 

Website Name: Legal Person Taiwan Aboriginal South Island Production, Culture and Educational Care Association

※If the donation is made by credit card, a 2.3% handling fee will be deducted for each transaction.

Thank you for your participation
Beautiful Landscape

Change starts with you and me

Become a supporter of the South Island Ministry, stand with us to honor Taiwan, protect the land, and let human beings and nature coexist and prosper for generations.

Acting together to make a difference in the world

​ Sincerely, all staff in the South Island group

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