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Association was formally established
​ Begin

Bring together indigenous people, entrepreneurs, educators, artists, politicians and other relevant social figures with the same vision, uphold the spirit of friendly land resources, natural and organic farming, the return of indigenous youth, and the continuation of tribal culture, to collaborate with the "Love Tribe Social Enterprise" ”, to enter the tribe’s common sustainable Jingluan original hometown industry with actions, in order to inspire urban aboriginal youth to return to their hometowns to deeply cultivate the tribe, and the Ministry of the Interior issued a people’s organization registration certificate (Tai Nei Tuan Zi No. 1090282400). 



International , government , tribal matchmaking
Tribes, International, government 

Explore the international exchanges of indigenous peoples, and promote education and culture, health and welfare, job rights protection, housing counseling, public construction, and economic and industrial development. Proper land planning, management and utilization and other broad aspects. Promote the promotion of indigenous national policies, take into account the needs of "individuals and groups, inheritance and innovation, conservation and development, fairness and justice", and combine the central and local governments to develop internationally.



As more and more evidence shows that climate change is caused by human activities, overproduction and reliance on fossil fuels have depleted the land for human consumption, the vision of the association is to create the Majiao Ecological Park Center. To make human beings more closely connected with the earth, to create a sustainable environment for survival in the park, aiming at the sustainable development of society, economy and ecology, is also a starting point for human beings to recover and be good stewards.

Planning Steps


Overall target for 2021

Use traditional experience and wisdom as the basis for the development of tribal industries, and shape the tribal industry demonstration area with the main axis of "characteristic agriculture".


Overall target for 2022

Integrate primary, secondary, and tertiary industries and environmental foundations, drive the operation of tier 6 industries, and touch passengers' value perception of "choice before travel, experience during travel, and share after travel", and at the same time achieve differentiated features, energy conservation, carbon reduction, and ecological The original intention of the goal of rehabilitation, cultural inheritance, economic revitalization, and employment increase.


​overall goal for the future

The integration of resources such as industrial clustering, economic benefit extension, and digital introduction allows the environment, culture, nature conservation and industrial development to be combined. Ultimately, it will be packaged through marketing promotion, travel promotion, etc., to create new highlights of regional tourism and build Green value chain, attracting people to visit, creating profits as the basis for the operation and adjustment of the park.

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