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Association history

11  /  09   /  2020

From 1960 to 1980, a large number of aboriginal people migrated to cities to make a living, filling the social bottom positions of early urban immigrants. They were mainly engaged in labor-intensive, low-skilled, high-risk, and mobile labor jobs. Until the outbreak of the new crown epidemic in 2020, it has caused the recession of the world economy, which has directly impacted the domestic economic market, resulting in a large number of layoffs and even vicious closures of companies and enterprises. For the aborigines who are engaged in low labor force, the unemployment rate is rising rapidly. In order to improve the rapidly rising unemployment rate of the tribe, in addition to rebuilding the simple and healthy life of the traditional Atayal culture and nature, it is expected to develop a deep cultural experience of the tribe. In addition, it also designs and develops second- and third-level agricultural special products and cultural and creative industries to increase local opportunities.

(1) Use traditional experience and wisdom as the basis for the development of tribal industries, and shape the tribal industry demonstration area with the three main axes of "characteristic agriculture", "cultural and creative industry" and "ecological tourism industry".

(2) Revitalize the spirit and culture of the Atayal people, let tribal people infiltrate the essence of Atayal culture in this demonstration space, develop Atayal traditional culture, life and craft learning and art culture, and extend special activities, workshops, product research and development ...and so on, showing the rich cultural "Majiao Ecological Park".

The entire Fuxing District is an important base for domestic tourism and has a high reputation. There are many tourist options, such as Jiaoban Mountain, Luofu Hot Spring Area, Xiaowulai Scenic Area, Lala Mountain and local tribes, attracting hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. In addition to the primary industries, relying on the crowds brought by "sightseeing and tourism" promotes economic benefits and employment opportunities, and also makes the local districts unique.

However, under the inherent foundation and constraints of local tourist sites, it is necessary to break through in the highly competitive environment of "sightseeing tourism", so as to attract tourists to "visit and revisit" to assist in the promotion of tourism and promote the sustainable operation of the local area. Difference and friendliness became key factors.

However, the implementation of the independent single-point model has limited benefits, and it is easy to become an uncertain factor in development. In order to maximize the benefits and touch social issues, this case will be based on local characteristics and the concept of "park". Reproducing the original style, revitalizing the real estate industry, and adding cross-domain services” four goals, according to the goals, input various resources, supplemented by environmental feature creation, tourist service planning, professional talent training, and improve the content and management of the park. And through the integration of resources such as industrial clustering, economic benefit extension, and digital introduction, the environment, culture, nature conservation and industrial development can be combined. Finally, it will be packaged through marketing promotion, travel promotion, etc. to create a new highlight of regional tourism. , build a green value chain, attract people to visit, and create profits as the basis for the operation and adjustment of the park.

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