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Ma Gao - MAQAW

​Mountain Pepper Aboriginal Delicacy

​Scientific name: Litsea cubeba

​Place of Origin: Fuxing Township, Taoyuan - Ma Jiao Happy Farm

Base to:

24°48'00.1"N 121°21'23.2"E

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A Bit About Maqaw

"Ma Gao" is mostly distributed on the hillsides between 300 and 2,300 meters above sea level in central and eastern Taiwan. The whole plant and fruit have a pungent ginger-spicy aroma. Its leaves, roots and fruits can be eaten, and can also be used as food spice. Enhance the flavor of food. In the past few years, the Forestry Research Institute of the Agriculture Committee has started to study the essential oils and their biological activities of various parts of P.

The antibacterial activity of the essential oils of various parts of the mountain pepper is excellent, and the fruit essential oil has the best antibacterial effect. At a concentration of 5 μl/disc, it can completely inhibit the bacteria of Cactus, Staphylococcus aureus, Vibrio enteritidis, Klebsiella pneumoniae and 5 strains including Candida albicans, so the antibacterial activity of fruit essential oil is excellent.

Through the research of the Forest Research Institute, it has been confirmed that the essential oil of the peppercorn fruit is very versatile and can be called a diamond in the essential oil industry. In addition to being used as an antibacterial medical product material, it also has excellent anti-inflammatory activity. In addition, the similarities and differences of the anti-inflammatory modes of the two isomers of citral are also solved, which can provide more specific reference information for the future application of such biological resources in the development of health care products.

-source  By Agricultural Media

The development process of Ma Jiao Ministries

Mar 2021 - May 2021

May 2021 - July 2021

July 2021 - Aug 2021

Aug  2021 -  Jan  2022

Jan  2022 -  Oct  2022

The South Island Association first collected wild horses in Wufeng Township, Taoyuan. The tree is about two or three meters high. When going up the mountain for collection, you must carry stairs, set up a ladder to climb up, carefully cut off the side branches and bring them back, and then peel them off by hand. The black pearl in the forest. to be used as a raw material for future refining. The research team composed of Distinguished Professor Wang Shengyang and Associate Professor Zeng Yanxue of the Department of Forestry of National Chung Hsing University confirmed in a research report in the Journal of Wood Science that the volatile components of the bell pepper fruit have the functions of sedative, analgesic and analgesic. Regulate the activity of animal central nervous system.

The first batch of horses was harvested in the wild, in order to extract essential oils and hydrosols for the beginning of refining, as the first material for product production. During the Chinese New Year in February, we visited Feng Yongfu, the head of the Wufeng Workstation of Taoyuan District Agricultural Improvement Farm, and negotiated the transfer of technology and the acquisition of Ma Jiao seedlings. Director Feng Yongfu started planting ten years ago. He devoted himself to the research and development of pepper seedlings, and finally used the "cold accumulated temperature treatment seed technology" to increase the survival rate of seedlings to 80%, and the seedling rate of transplanted seedlings after germination was as high as 90%.

In July, the association began to organize the forest land, started to reclaim the Majiao farm base (the future scheduled Majiao cultural and ecological park), and planted 500 Majiao seedlings. Special thanks to the higher-level guidance agency - Taoyuan Indigenous People's Bureau for its subsidy, which enabled the association to provide substantial help in Ma Jiao's seedling raising, technical transfer, land preparation, clearing and transportation, soil cultivation, and farmer cultivation. It also made the tribe's manpower move.

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