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​Jialan Ecological Education Park​

Promote the rooting and inheritance of the traditional culture of the aboriginal people in urban and native areas, and integrate the values of rich life, ecological elements and simple life in the tribe into an ecological education park that is blessed by Sansheng, contributing to the creation of the tribe and the sustainable environment With the purpose of life education and spiritual companionship, the plan will be implemented with practical actions and become a practical and participateable project.

Environmental Protection Program Goals

​Environmental Protection Concepts and Declarations

In the ecological view of environmental education philosophy, we agree that the ecological system of our natural environment and the social system of human culture are composed and interacted together, then we should naturally put down the figure of Homo sapiens, respect all things and appreciate what God has created. Create the value of all things and rebuild the model of human society and environmental literacy. In the generation after the new crown epidemic, we hope that the ecological concept of environmental protection will be integrated into our production, consumption and living culture. From the ecological thinking of each environmental education philosophy, we examine our environmental literacy such as our values, attitudes and behaviors towards the environment, and we work together.

​Taoyuan City Government Environmental Protection Bureau guidance

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